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Acne Treatment/Acne Scar Treatment:

Acne treatment will often require the use of multiple procedures as well as consistency from the patient’s part. We treat active acne with topical products, oral medication and aesthetic procedures with laser and chemical peelings. Often times we use also microdermabrasion along with facials for better control of the oil production in the skin.

Acne scars are better treated with laser, there are different types of scars and some of them respond better than others. In general patients have combinations of all kinds of different scars and the majority of our patients feel satisfied with the improvement on their skin appearance.

Surgical scars also respond to laser treatment, each individual case will be evaluated.

Chemical Peelings:

Here at the Spa we have different kinds of peelings to target common premature aging signs like brown spots, superficial wrinkles, acne and in general skin texture improvement. We have recently introduced our new peeling from SkinMedica® called Revitalize peeling which is great to improve the appearance of brown spots caused by hormonal changes or sun damage (Melasma).

We offer the following SkinMedica® products:

We also offer combo packages to best suit your needs. As always, skin care consultation is complementary.

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