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Electronic Registration First time patient must fill out registration form. Process should not take more than 10-15 minutes. We also encourage our patients to fill out this registration form in advance to the office visit, so we can make your visit easier and less wait time (we will be able to enter your information into the system and verify your insurance benefits ahead of your arrival time).
Please click here to fill out registration form electronically.

Paper Registration If you wish to do registration in paper, please click here to download for and print it at home. Please bring it completely filled out to the office or send it through fax to 281.768.7908. Please Do NOT e-mail this information.
Request for Medical Records Our office follows by HIPAA regulation, therefore we do not ever release medical records from our patient without previous written authorization. To request MR, please download the form by clicking here or Request to Release Medical Records Form. Please fill it out and return via fax to 281.768.7908. If you are returning via e-mail, please make sure your email is encrypted due to Federal Privacy Regulation. Call the office at 713.223.4466 to obtain email address or more information.
Appointments We prefer to work by appointments. To schedule an appointment please call at 713.223.4466.
We will provide an appointment within the next 24 hours. Walk-ins are welcome. We offer at least 10 walk-in visits in the Morning and 10 walk-in visits in the Afternoon. Also, we offer extended care business hours everyday from 7:00 AM to 8:00 AM and on Saturdays from 8:00AM to 12:30PM.
After Hours If you need to get in contact with the office, you will have several options:
  1. You may use the Interactive Communication Form.
  2. You may write an email directly to the person you wish to reach.
  3. You may call our office at 713.223.4466 to leave a message on the general voicemail, you will be called back within the next 24 business hours.
  4. You may call our office at 713.223.4466 to speak with a live representative. Representative you assist in regard to your request.
Appointment Reminder and Confirmation We will make a courtesy call to you 12-24 hours in advance of your appointment time as a reminder and confirmation. We do ask, however, that you assume all responsibility for remembering your reservation. If you do not show for your appointment, you may be responsible for a no-show fee. Please see our cancellation policy below for details.
RX Refills In order to better serve you, we request 48 hours advance notice for medication refills. For faster processing, ask your pharmacy to send the refill request electronically (preferred) or fax. An appointment may be required before the physician will authorize the refill. For expedited request processing, please call our office directly at 713.223.4466.
Check-In Procedures We ask patients to bring their insurance information, identification cards, and a list of all current medications. Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your appointment in order to complete the necessary forms. Patients younger than 18 years old must be accompanied by parents, legal guardians, or authorized people.
Insurance Information We accept a wide variety of medical health insurances. Please call our office at 713.223.4466 to verify your insurance eligibility and benefits information.
Cancellations We ask patients to cancel their appointment within 24 hours. Failure to do so will result in an inconvenience for you and other patients. A $15-fee may apply.
Payment Policy Payment for all services is expected at the time of visit. We accept cash, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and Care Credit. No personal or business checks are accepted. Payment plan arrangements are available.

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Interactive Communication Form

This communication method is not intended for urgent or emergency situations. If you have an emergency, please dial 9-1-1. Do not send any medical information or medical details as this is not a secure messaging system and it's a Violation of Privacy policies (HIPPA). It will not be used to respond to any medical advice.

Please fill out the following boxes and then click send. Responses are usually returned within 24 business hours.

Navigation Medical Center cares about your questions, request, opinions, and feedback. We strive to answer every message within 24 hours. Please keep in mind that any submission to Navigation Medical Center is subject to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Our Customer Care Team is available from 8 am to 5 pm Central Time, Monday through Friday. We regret to inform you that we can't give medical advice or answer individual medical and pharmaceutical questions through this message system, but we will get in contact with you via telephone or we will find you the first available appointment with our doctors. Message thought this website by its nature may not be a secure and private communication since it is sent over the Internet. We cannot guarantee your email to us or our response to you will be secure. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call directly or dial 911 immediately.

Direct Communication Method

This communication method is not intended for urgent or emergency situations. It will not be used to respond to any medical advice.

If you prefer to contact a member of our staff specifically, you may call or email.

Staff List
Jorge Celis
Office Manager

PBX Extension: 1020
Since 2004
Elizabeth Otero
Check Out Specialist and Medical Assistant

PBX Extension: 1000
Since 2004
Paulina Tobias
Medical Assistant for Dr. Sonia Moncayo

Extensión: 1013
Desde el 2013
Perla Fernandez
Front Desk and Medical Assistant

PBX Extension:1002
Since 2017
Karla Guadarrama
Medical Assistant and Lab Technician

PBX Extension: 1015
Since 2021
Arlen Cantu
Medical Assistant

PBX Extension: 1014
Since 2022
Jasmin Ramirez
Front Desk Associate

PBX Extension: 1001
Since 2022
Lizette Garcia
Front Desk Associate

PBX Extension: 1005
Since 2022
Anita Gonzalez
Medical Assistant Dr Jaime Duarte

PBX Extension: 1016
Since 2023
Ashley Hernandez
Front Desk

PBX Extension: 1003
Since 2023
Gillermina Rubio
Medical Assistant

PBX Extension: 1010
Since 2023
Vanessa Monjarras
Medical Assistant for Mrs Janeth Pashansi APRN-CNP

PBX Extension: 1012
Since 2024