Jaime E. Duarte MD FAAFP

Medical Director

Dr. Jaime Duarte graduated from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. He obtained his postgraduate medical training in Houston under the Memorial Family Practice Residency Program. Dr. Duarte has been successfully treating patients with complex medical conditions including Diabetes, Hypertension, Depression and Congestive Heart Failure to mention a few. Sports Medicine is also part of his personal interest.

Dr. Duarte is a member of the Texas Medical Association, The American Academy of Family Physicians and the Harris County Medical Society. He also serves as a Medical Director for IntegraNet Health, is the Chairman of the Board for Physician's ACO, and is a Key Physician for the Renaissance Physician Organization. Dr. Duarte is Board Certified in Family Medicine.

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Sonia P. Moncayo MD

Family Medicine Physician

Dr. Sonia Moncayo received her medical degree from the renowned Universidad Industrial de Santander in Colombia. She completed her postgraduate training in Houston under the Memorial Family Practice Residency Program. Dr. Moncayo has special interest in a variety of medical conditions such as Diabetes, Hypertension, and Renal Failure as well as preventive care and Pediatrics. She believes in the importance of keeping your body healthy and beautiful. This interest started since she was a medical school student. Today Dr. Moncayo helps her patients look and feel their best.

Dr. Moncayo currently serves as a chairwoman of the Credentialing Committee for IntegraNet Health. She has consistently achieved high-quality and efficiency as rated by several insurance companies and Medicare. Dr. Moncayo is board certified in Family Medicine.

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Brenda Guzman PA-C

Family Medicine Physician Assistant

Brenda Guzman received her Bachelor of Arts in Biology from The University of St. Thomas. Upon graduation, she began her training in the Masters of Physician Assistant Studies at The University of Texas Health Science Center. Special interests include diabetes, hypertension, and hyperlipidemia.

Brenda has always had a passion for promoting healthy living in her community and believes that the an integral part of overall well-being is diet and exercise. Hobbies include:gardening, traveling, playing with her dogs.

Languages: English and Spanish

Carolina Camacho PA-C MD

Family Medicine Physician Assistant

Mrs Camacho received her Physician Assistant degree at the University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley in 2019. She is a Texas-licensed PA, who is interested in serving as a Family Medicine PA in your burgeoning family practice team. As a fully bilingual PA (Spanish), I gained my primary healthcare experiences in the Rio Grande Valley, serving socioeconomically disadvantaged Mexican Americans with noncommunicable diseases, including diabetes, hypertension, and metabolic syndrome. Accordingly, I have developed expertise in interviewing patients efficiently, tailoring management regimens to severe medical conditions, and providing culturally competent education to patients with low levels of health literacy. Indeed, I have experience working with a physician-led team where we managed to collaboratively develop holistic, cost-efficient treatment solutions for patients taking into account their dignity and needs; I imagine this will assist me to be a thriving PA in your practice.

Indeed, serving a medically underserved population has made me cognizant of the importance of health behavior promotion. Health outcomes will only be as successful as the self-efficacy that patients have in changing their health behaviors; accordingly, I aspire to be an empowering physician assistant that provides my patients self-efficacy.

Furthermore, what is a more important motivating factor for my passion to serve your organization rests with my own personal value and career goals. As a person of faith who has been blessed with the ability to pursue higher education and now be an advanced practice practitioner, I feel called to devote my training to benefit the medically underserved. As a first-generation college and healthcare professional in my entire family, I know that millions of other families with humble roots- mine included- yearn to have empowering patient care experiences with providers that can treat their health conditions and be passionate advocates to fundamentally improve their health trajectories. Indeed, my own father suffered from a lack of an available primary care provider which allowed his chronic diseases to advance to terminal renal and hepatic pathologies, with no one to address his well-being and treat him with compassionate dignity in his time of urgent need; accordingly, I have the conviction to ensure that no other family should suffer how mine did. Serving in Primary Care with Navigation Medical Center uniquely empowers me to be in a position to serve patients for their noncommunicable diseases, and ensure that they get the care to enhance their well-being in a dignified and spirit-empowering manner.

In essence, this PA job position is a perfect opportunity to continue challenging myself to be part of my mission to provide healing and comfort through the delivery of medical care and transform the local community. I aspire that Navigation Medical Center will enable me to serve in the frontlines, fighting to ensure effective, patient-centric, and transformative primary care can be delivered to everyone.

Languages: English and Spanish